Registering a foreign business on TenderNed

Foreign businesses can also create an account in TenderNed and sign up for tenders or submit bids. Please keep in mind that TenderNed is only available in Dutch.

What is considered a foreign business?

Foreign businesses are all businesses that cannot register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

No eHerkenning

Foreign businesses should create an account with a username and password. You cannot use the eHerkenning login system.

Folow these steps to register your business

Step 1: Click on Inloggen

  • Click on Inloggen (Log in) at the top on
  • Go to the Buitenlandse ondernemers (Foreign entrepreneurs) tab.
  • Select Een nieuwe buitenlandse onderneming registreren (Registering a new foreign business).

Step 2: Fill in your personal details and the organisation details

  • Come up with a unique username and password, with which you will log in from now on.
  • Fill in your contact details.
  • Select Volgende (next).
  • Enter the TAN-code you received by SMS.
  • Fill in the organisation details.
  • With Ondernemer biedt beschut werk you can indicate if your organization offers a  sheltered workshop.
  • Now select Registreer (Register).

Step 3: Activate your business account with the activation code

Once the registration of your organisation has been approved, an activation code will be sent by e-mail to you within 1 working day. The company officer you submitted will also receive the e-mail.

  • Log in to TenderNed and fill in this code.

Do so within 31 days of having registered your organisation. After this period, the activation code will lapse and your organisation will have to register again.

Did you not receive a message? In that case, please contact the TenderNed Service Desk.

Step 4: Your business account is active

Your business is now registered and your account is active. To log in to TenderNed, go to the Buitenlandse ondernemers (Foreign entrepreneurs) tab and enter your TenderNed username and password.

You are the local administrator for your business

Since you were the one who registered your business, you will receive the authorisation role (in Dutch) of Lokaal beheerder (Local administrator). This role gives you all rights in TenderNed. You can manage your organisation details, invite others to TenderNed and send applications or submit bids on behalf of your business. Appointing at least one other local administrator is recommended, so your business can continue using TenderNed even when you are on holiday, for example.

Step 5: Invite others to your tendering team

You can invite colleagues or external parties to act on behalf of your business in TenderNed. They will receive your invitation by email. They can use this to create their own user account.

Step 6: Explore the possibilities of TenderNed

The TenderNed application contains everything you need to respond to tenders. Each tender has its own dashboard listing all your tasks. You can ask questions and receive messages in TenderNed. Explore all of the options so you will know where to find what you need when you submit a bid.

Step 7: Search for tenders and participate

All tenders that are posted on TenderNed will appear on the announcement platform. You can create an interests profile (in Dutch) with your Persoonlijke instellingen (Personal settings). This is a search which you save. You can choose to receive messages whenever new tenders are published or existing ones change that suit your search.

Terms of use TenderNed may 2018

Read the TenderNed Terms of use.

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