TenderNed (English)

TenderNed is the Dutch government’s online tendering system. All Dutch authorities are obliged to publish their national and European tenders on Tenderned’s announcement platform, so businesses can access all public publications from a single webpage.

  • Full digital tender process: from announcement to submission and award of the contract
  • Frequently used data only needs be entered once and can be managed in a personal folder
  • Reduction of procedural errors and time-saving teamwork in the cloud
  • Free, independent and secure

Simple, fast and efficient full digital tender procedure

Through TenderNed, all parties can digitally manage all steps throughout the entire tender process. This is determined by the contracting authority. When they publish a tender, it is indicated (by a mouse icon on the announcement platform) whether businesses must submit their offer digitally in TenderNed. If this is the case, interested businesses submit their complete offers through TenderNed. Scoring and rewarding is also carried out online. For more information on how to bid in TenderNed, see the brochure TenderNed: Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts online (pdf 451 kb).


Online Help provides you with support when using TenderNed. It’s only available in Dutch, but you could use a browser which can translate TenderNed. You can also contact our servicedesk at +31 70 379 88 99 or servicedesk@tenderned.nl (opening hours: 08:30-17:00 hrs CET). Or ask consultants that are specialised in TenderNed for assistance.

TenderNed is a part of PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre of the ministry of Economic Affairs. TenderNed is also a certified supplier of the European publication platform Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).

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TenderNed is onderdeel van PIANOo, het Expertisecentrum Aanbesteden van het ministerie van Economische Zaken